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I Am Going To Die

In This Game-Like Dimension

When mysterious portals start opening up around the world at large events, swallowing everybody, you’d think that would warrant some kind of danger pay when you have to sell hotdogs at a Comic Con, right? ‘No, of course not; what are the odds of that happening here, out of all the big events in the world?’

Well, Emma was always pretty good at beating the odds when it came to shitty luck.

Now she’s stuck in a strange dimension, where the normal rules don’t seem to apply, together with a costumed crowd who seem strangely happy about this whole thing.

At least, until the first people start dying.


Book Four: Unchained Potential is out now! You can buy it here: https://books2read.com/whisperingcrystals4?store=amazon

Unfortunately, that does mean that—apart from some sample chapters—I had to remove this book from the site as well.

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