Chapter 199: The dark I know well
Chapter 198: Riders on the storm
Chapter 197: Healing the world with comedy
Chapter 196: Instinct
Chapter 195: One branch, then to another
Chapter 194: Thar he sucks!
Chapter 193: Soon may the Wellerman come
Chapter 192: Bigger fish
Chapter 191: Welcome to gainsville
Chapter 190: Seafood
Chapter 189: Free fallin'
Chapter 188: Here I am
Chapter 187: Boats and Birds
Chapter 186: Broken wings
Chapter 185: Apex predator
Chapter 184: Chains on me
Chapter 183: Jeremy Bearimy
Chapter 182: Incubation time
Chapter 181: Up
Chapter 180: I belief
Chapter 179: Glorious food
Chapter 178: I'm on a boat [Start of Book 5]
Chapter 177: Breaking the mould
Chapter 176: Peilor's best friend
Chapter 175: Hello from the other side
Chapter 174: Me, myself, and Irene
Chapter 173: The shell game
Chapter 172: Someone kill the DJ
Chapter 171: Revenge is a dish ...
Chapter 170: They paved paradise
Chapter 169: Parry this, you filthy casual
Chapter 168: Gotta go fast
Chapter 167: Release the kraken
Chapter 166: Prohibidado
Chapter 165: Hit me with your best shot
Chapter 164: The only man who could ever teach me
Chapter 163: Fortune favours the brave
Chapter 162: Lifestyles of the rich & famous
Chapter 161: Major Tom to Ground Control
Chapter 160: The final countdown
Chapter 159: Bye bye birdie
Chapter 158: Predecessor? I hardly know her!
Chapter 157: The cold never bothered me anyway
Chapter 156: 20/20
Chapter 155: Always gonna be an uphill battle
Chapter 154: If you give a mouse a cookie
Chapter 153: Kicking off the race one-legged
Chapter 152: Ratrace
Chapter 151: x bird(s) with y stone(s)
Chapter 150: Happy together
Chapter 149: Some say love
Chapter 148: In the arms of a squid
Chapter 147: Take a hint
Chapter 146: Tell me somethin', girl
Chapter 145: This is gospel
Chapter 144: Your friendly neighbourhood...
Chapter 143: Tag, you're it
Chapter 142: Defying gravity
Chapter 141: Obey gravity; it's the law
Chapter 140: Miss Communication
Chapter 139: Ground control to Major Tom
Chapter 138: Footloose
Chapter 137: Into the unknown
Chapter 136: These are desperate times
Chapter 135: The fractured but whole
Chapter 134: Baby it's cold outside
Chapter 133: The cake is a lie
Chapter 132: Hello darkness my old friend
Chapter 131: Child's play
Chapter 130: To sleep, perchance to dream
Chapter 129: Don't be a lawyer [Start of Book 4]
Chapter 51: Charmed
Chapter 50: The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference
Chapter 49: The Start of Something New [Beginning of Book 2]
Chapter 3: Lavi en rose
Chapter 2: F-10-D-A
Chapter 1: It sucks to be me

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