Chapter 164: The only man who could ever teach me
Chapter 163: Fortune favours the brave
Chapter 162: Lifestyles of the rich & famous
Chapter 161: Major Tom to Ground Control
Chapter 160: The final countdown
Chapter 159: Bye bye birdie
Chapter 158: Predecessor? I hardly know her!
Chapter 157: The cold never bothered me anyway
Chapter 156: 20/20
Chapter 155: Always gonna be an uphill battle
Chapter 154: If you give a mouse a cookie
Chapter 153: Kicking off the race one-legged
Chapter 152: Ratrace
Chapter 151: x bird(s) with y stone(s)
Chapter 150: Happy together
Chapter 149: Some say love
Chapter 148: In the arms of a squid
Chapter 147: Take a hint
Chapter 146: Tell me somethin', girl
Chapter 145: This is gospel
Chapter 144: Your friendly neighbourhood...
Chapter 143: Tag, you're it
Chapter 142: Defying gravity
Chapter 141: Obey gravity; it's the law
Chapter 140: Miss Communication
Chapter 139: Ground control to Major Tom
Chapter 138: Footloose
Chapter 137: Into the unknown
Chapter 136: These are desperate times
Chapter 135: The fractured but whole
Chapter 134: Baby it's cold outside
Chapter 133: The cake is a lie
Chapter 132: Hello darkness my old friend
Chapter 131: Child's play
Chapter 130: To sleep, perchance to dream
Chapter 129: Don't be a lawyer [Start of Book 4]
Chapter 128: Goodbye until tomorrow [End of book 3]
Chapter 127: Non-trivial pursuit
Chapter 126: Marked for abduction
Chapter 125: Operation: Yoink
Chapter 124: Let it B
Chapter 123: And thanks for all the fish
Chapter 122: Fatality
Chapter 121: Mortal Kombat
Chapter 120: Basic math
Chapter 119: Morning glory
Chapter 118: Good vibrations
Chapter 117: Jacob and Loudmouth's excellent adventures
Chapter 116: the curious incident of the frog in the night-time
Chapter 115: Endangered
Chapter 114: Breaking free
Chapter 113: Yip yip
Chapter 112: Absolution
Chapter 111: Electrifying
Chapter 110: Sorry seems to be the hardest word
Chapter 109: Stay in school
Chapter 108: Boiling over
Chapter 107: Tunnel snakes rule!
Chapter 106: Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger
Chapter 105: What do you get when you multiply six by nine?
Chapter 104: Word crimes
Chapter 103: The fisher becomes the fished
Chapter 102: Invisible
Chapter 101: The first rule of Goddess
Chapter 100: No one man should have all that power
Chapter 99: Poor pirates
Chapter 98: Reallusionary
Chapter 97: Espirations
Chapter 96: Second star to the right
Chapter 95: Body language
Chapter 94: A matter of interpretation
Chapter 93: Thanks, but no thanks
Chapter 92: Titanic Tip and Daring Dash
Chapter 91: I'll just call you Kermit, then
Chapter 90: Cave explorer
Chapter 89: Kiss and make up
Chapter 88: Synergistic management solutions
Chapter 87: Operation let's just kill some friggin' froggos
Chapter 86: Troubled Waters
Chapter 85: No man is an island (except, technically, for the Isle of Man)
Chapter 84: Four's company
Chapter 83: Up the creek
Chapter 82: Boundaries
Chapter 51: Charmed
Chapter 50: The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference
Chapter 49: The Start of Something New [Beginning of Book 2]
Chapter 3: Lavi en rose
Chapter 2: F-10-D-A
Chapter 1: It sucks to be me

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